What Makes Me Happy?



Of course, I am in my happiest state when I am spending time with my little family of three, and doing whatever to bring a smile to my son’s face and keep him happy. Karen from RUN WRIGHT tagged me to respond to a few things in regards to me being in a very happy state of being, or when I am in my “happy place”. The request for this came right on schedule because I’ve been going through a lot this past week, and it was hard to bounce back to getting back to normal and being happy again.


The tag is to list only 5 items for each category. In my opinion, I could have kept going, but here is my partial list of:


5 Things That Make Me Happy (other than the people I love)

Sitting on my front/back porch or looking out of the window


Being able to help someone that needs advice on anything (I happen to be that friend)

Coffee (it don’t matter what kind or hot/cold, as long as it has sugar and creamer in it)

When my fave stores are having a sale on things that I need/want

5 Songs That Make Me Happy

Happy by Pharrell

Heaven by Emeli Sandé

Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace

Golden by Jill Scott

Wonder by Naughty Boy ft. Emeli Sandé

5 Places That Make Me Happy


Being Home





So I have a great question for you: What makes YOU happy? Anyone who would like to do this tag, please feel free. However, I am tagging these bloggers who might need a little reminder to be happy:

Pieces of Me 262

Whitney C.

I hope you lovely people have a great day!



19 Replies to “What Makes Me Happy?”

  1. I love this post! I sure do love me some pizza…I have to do gluten free these days, but I love it all the same! Some things that make me happy: target, Ulta, spending time when family and friends, CHRISTMAS, fall, fall scented candles and mac and cheese! lol. Xoxo

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  2. This is such a lovely tag. I think it does make a difference when you write down positive thoughts – especially on happiness. Pizza really makes me happy too – as does looking out the window at a hopefully beautiful view! x

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